Mood NYC x Marc Kremers Collaboration


Photo: Mood NYC Press

Entering the world of sets one into the mind of brilliant designer and Internet renaissance man, Marc Kremers. The vast amount of drag-and-double-clicks that can be done on the imagery, animated gifs and videos unlock Kremers’ past works in playful bursts of internet medley and sheer fun.

Brooklyn-based skateboard company, Mood NYC, recently connected with Marc Kremers and without hesitation, the two began a collaboration together. Mood NYC is a label representative of a mood board, a collaborative forum and point for multiple disciplines, ideas and matter to manifest as a collective vision to create quality products.

A few sneak peak collaboration photos appeared from Mood NYC’s Instagram of a custom mock up t-shirt label and a closeup shot of what appears to be “mooD revres-xeT”, a reversal version of the classic first person shooter game, DOOM. In the eyes of Mood NYC, “Designer Marc Kremers executed what we think might be the most perfect ‘logo’ tee ever created…” Anticipate a grand entrance of the Mood NYC x Marc Kremers collaboration along with new product releases in the coming weeks.

In case you were wondering, Marc Kremers lent his brilliance last year and designed our Pi. website.