Hors Pistes Tokyo 2014 Film Festival Opens 6/7-22

Exciting 3-week program of 36 films

Tokyo, Japan, June 6th 2014

The event is a companion to the annual Hors Pistes festival created by Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The Centre gives the Japanese festival not only the backing and name recognition of a well-known cultural institution, but also the chance to share some of the fine films from the Paris festival.

“With Hors Pistes Tokyo, the idea is to bring content that has never been seen in Japan before,” Antonin Gaultier, executive director of the festival, said. “We are very, very flexible about what we show, and I think that is why people are so interested. There is a connection between all different kinds of content –animation, CG, short films, documentaries, and more.”

In addition to its diverse range of content, Hors Pistes Tokyo’s focus is different from other film festivals.

“There is no competition. A lot of film festivals, including those in Japan, are about prizes,competition, and the award at the end,” Gaultier said. “We are trying to connect in a different way; people can actually talk and engage with the directors and share what they think about the festival.

“Curation is very important. This year we have a selection of films about the city – urban discoveries. We are bringing some new directors from Europe and connecting them with old films, these Japanese underground films from the 70s that are about Tokyo and are not so well known.

“It should be our responsibility as a festival to show the audience that it is not just about a random collection of works,” Gaultier said. “We owe the audience to engage with the content and make it their own.”

Now in its fourth year, Hors Pistes Tokyo looks to reach its largest audience ever and to connect films and the audience in ways that it has never done before, through talks, parties and events.

Hors Pistes begins on June 7 and runs until June 22.
More info about the festival can be found at horspistestokyo.com

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antonion Gaultier-アントナンゴルティエ

Antonin Gaultier, cultural engineer
For the past decade, French expatriate Antonin Gaultier has brought a dazzling mix of art, music, film, and culture to Japan’s creative community. Following his graduation from Sciences Po in Paris, he has held positions involving marketing, creative direction, project coordination, and content curation, leading him to create his own title – cultural engineer.

“I think cultural engineering means bridging a gap.”, Gaultier said. “I’m sitting in between business and art because I can talk to both sides. It’s very interesting for me to bring things together.”

For more information about Antonin Gaultier and his work as a cultural engineer, please visit www.digikiland.com

映像祭 オールピスト東京2014 6月7日‐6月22日 



ポンピドゥー・センター・パリで毎年開催される映像祭オールピストの姉妹イベントであるオールピスト東京。こちらの祭典はポンピドゥーという世界に名立たる美術館の後援を得て、オールピスト・パリが選出したヨーロッパの素晴らしい作品の数々から東京という都市に相応しい作品をセレクトし 紹介しています。

「オールピスト東京は“これまで日本になかったもの”を見せる映像祭です。」オールピスト 東京2014のエグゼクティブ・ディレクター、アントナン・ゴルチェは次のように述べています。「何を見せるのか、という課題に対して非常に柔軟な姿勢で取り組んでいます。その柔軟性こそが、この映像祭の面白さとなっているのです。これによってアニメーションやCG、ショートフィルムに、ドキュメンタリーなど、あらゆる分野を横断するプログラムが可能になったのです。」






オールピスト東京2014  会期:6月7日‐6月22日 !
映像祭の詳細情報はこちらから。 horspistestokyo.com






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